Why the WordPress REST API Matters

WordPress has achieved overwhelming dominance as a web content platform. Approximately 25% of all websites worldwide employ WordPress as their CMS. The growth is relentless. This level of adoption reaches beyond critical mass. It will not be reversed soon because its developers provide
a constantly evolving and improving platform.

Source: W3Techs

Killer App Potential

An installed base of this size creates huge opportunities for innovation. Explosive growth is realistically possible for any product or service which makes people’s work easier, or which provides a rewarding experience. Widely used and efficient distribution systems are already in place for any developer with a better mousetrap. Much of the work needed to launch new products in the past is no longer necessary, at least until after the early results are in.

Apple owed much of its early success to VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet. Suddenly, anyone with a business or technical problem to analyze could create a sophisticated and smoothly interactive model. Results were immediate. Refinement was easy. Modify any factor and all the consequences displayed instantly. That was new. And fun.

The Apple II turned from a solution in search of a problem (early ads showed people entering recipes) to a product which flew off the shelves anywhere you’d find accountants, stock analysts or business owners. VisiCalc’s ease and speed transformed the personal computer from a hobbyist niche to an industry. History unfolded differently because creative programming liberated the potential of a new platform.

The World’s New Desktop

WordPress provides web content by assembling pages on the server. Client side processing has been limited to adding value to the user interface.